Singers in Disguise 2020
A beautiful wedding photograph

What about Weddings?

Yeah that’s right what about weddings! Why have we been forgotten? Why is there no support? The questions are endless and unanswered so far by the decision makers.

2020 has been a tough year for us all especially the seemingly forgotten wedding sector. The impact of COVID-19 causing cancellation upon cancellation, it’s hard not to be downbeat and give up.

Here at Singers in Disguise, we have had mostly cancellations this year and have made the decision to refund all of our customers deposits, it only seems fair as the customer is not to blame, we are sure once we can finally perform at weddings again the customers will come back and we will have a bumper year but until then what about weddings?

The what about weddings #whataboutweddings movement by is fantastic. The aim is to try and get the attention of Mr Sunak and all of government as our forgotten industry has received little to no support at all with the exception of the bounce back loans that were offered back in April.

There are some fantastic links for support which we have certainly used in this period, we would urge all of you to check them out and get involved with the campaign.

Even with the bounce back loans, we are in November now with Christmas on the horizon, we had no clarity to when we could perform again it’s hard to see how long they are going to last when you have to put food on the table and support yourself during such a hard period where our industries hands are tied.

What the government are seemingly hanging on to is the fact that weddings haven’t been shut down, and they have been going ahead on a reduced scale of 30 and 15 people. Do they really expect people to book as normal in this circumstance, we certainly wouldn’t expect to perform our Singing Waiters show to this many people as it wouldn’t have the same effect or value for money for the bride and groom.

The likely outcome is that newly married couples are likely to have a big party/wedding breakfast when this is all over which is great however this doesn’t help the suppliers who are bending over backwards to keep afloat.

All we are asking for is a bit of clarity of how the situation will be remedied, what are they going to do what are their plans for us? do they have a roadmap that they are following or are they just going to wing it as it seems they have been doing since march?

We understand that we are in a pandemic and very unprecedented times and the government are under pressure to act for all industries and sectors however we fail to see why an industry that brings a lot to the economy and pays their taxes like everyone else should suffer and be ignored.

To all our colleagues and competition within the industry make sure you keep your collective chins up and we will get through this as an industry together

Mental Health is seemingly at an all-time low, so we ask please all be kind, try to help each other out and help the campaign for support.

Anything we can do for anyone else in the industry drop us a line.

All the best guys and see you on the other side.