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singing waiters for weddings

weddings and surprise singers are a match made in heaven

Weddings are our preferred performances as we love to see couples get married and see the happiness it brings through the day, we love to be a part of that its so fulfilling.

Weddings notoriously have a lull in the middle of the day usually after the meal and before the evening guests arrive as its quite a long and tiring day with lots of emotion thrown in.

The great thing about our Singing Waiters is that we get rid of that dreaded wedding lull completely by raising the adrenaline for all of your guests, making them excited and happy and get the drinks and party atmosphere ready for the evening.

Your guests will remember your days as "that amazing wedding with the singing waiters" and will have the best time ever.

Your DJ will thank us too (Unless of course you wish to book us for your Disco)

Remember if you don't fancy the Singing Waiters show, we also do a Wedding Breakfast Entertainment offering which is amazing too if we do say so ourselves.

Have we made your mind up?

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