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How to plan a wedding in a pandemic (like covid 19)

Singers in Disguise 2020

The wedding industry has been hit exceptionally hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty coupled with the limit of 15 guests has made 2020 a write off for most weddings and events in turn.

Our guide across details 5 core values to help both suppliers and engaged couples plan their wedding during this time, lets help each other out and make sure 2021 and 2022 are years to remember for our wonderful industry.

  1. Organisation –Keep a level head and stay organised, you can press ahead sort out the details of the day. Most suppliers like ourselves at Singers in Disguise are allowing customers to reschedule due to COVID-19 however, take time to read all supplier agreements carefully make sure you negotiate terms, you are likely to get a great deal in these uncertain times.

  3. Wedding Insurance – Make sure you have adequate cover for your personal needs, investigate and read all policy specifics. Insurance is fraught with small text so read everything carefully and account for all eventualities.

  4. Plan Plan Plan and enjoy it – With most people spending more time at home, allowing you to have more time to research and find the suppliers best fitted to you, remember not all of the best suppliers are on the first page of google, do a bit of digging, check social media and ask friends for recommendations.

  5. You do you – If you want a small wedding have one, you can do it within the pandemic and Ill bet you get an awesome deal from all suppliers who will appreciate your custom. Ignore others who tell you what you need to do and not just offer suggestions.

  6. Be Kind – Suppliers and Engaged couples are all struggling at the moment, so we need to look out for each other and remember weddings are about love and a really happy time in your life so embrace it.

Happy Planning to all, anything you need from us even just a chat let us know we are happy to help

an infographic showing how to plan a wedding in a pandemic